6 Hottest Android Mobile Games to Play

What’s the hottest Android mobile games to play nowadays? We all want a form of relaxation in these stressful times or from a stressful day. And as such we turn to different things for our pleasure, reading books, working out, going outside and last but not least, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!

Whether on our mobile phones or PlayStation, we all have access to some form of games, and the play store provides a wide variety and genre we can choose from. Video games are for individuals of all ages, and each game has challenging levels that we need to overcome, but that doesn’t diminish the enjoyment we feel while playing these games.

Popular Android mobile games to play now

Some hot new video games have spiked in popularity over recent years, and they play constantly. Here’s our list of 6 hottest Android mobile games to play:

Call of Duty

Android mobile games Call of Duty

This Android mobile game is all about warfare on a virtual level, from a wide variety of guns, vehicles and you have to develop tactics to win these battles. This game has different levels of difficulties, where you load up with armor and ammo, and you face off with persons around the world. Each battle you win, you reach a new level up, and you gain many prizes. This game requires focus, developing battle strategies and having fun!!


Android mobile games Fortnite

This is another Android mobile game involving fighting and the use of weapons, but it is fun nonetheless. With this game, you can either work with a team or yourself to fight against other teams for a spot to the next round. The game is pretty simple to kill all your opponents, and no one wants to be killed because you would have lost the game.

Candy Crush

Android mobile games Candy Crush

One of the most addictive Android mobile games there is today, and different persons of all ages can play it. It is pretty simple, where you match corresponding candies with each other in various positions. The more level you pass, the more prizes you win and each group pose a different challenge, but it is pretty relaxing, just the same.


Android mobile games PUBG

Currently one of the hottest Android mobile games there is, especially among teens. This game is where everyone shares space on the battlefield, taking each of your opponents out. You can hide in buildings, drive vehicles to get away from enemies; it has several fascinating features you can choose from.


Android mobile games Minecraft

While this Android mobile game may seem like a game for kids, probably by its appearance and embed features, but it’s far from it. With this game, you can build any structure of your choosing, from the tallest building to the deepest sea; the possibilities are endless. This game requires you to use different materials to build whatever you choose and protect your home from invaders. It’s fascinating.

Free Fire

Android mobile games Free Fire

This Android mobile game takes you out of reality and into another world of tactics, gathering ammo and winning each battle. What is fun about it is that you can communicate with your team by talking to them. You can mute and unmute a microphone to speak to them about battle strategies and seek out your enemies. This game is addicting, which makes it so fun.

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