6 Marketing Videos Ideas With Screen Recorder

6 Marketing Videos Ideas With Screen Recorder

Looking for marketing videos ideas to create using a screen recorder? Here’s the right place to be! A screen recorder allows you to gather data to come up with a lucrative marketing strategy. To get to your target audience, you have first to identify their needs and find solutions. Therefore, a screen recorder helps you … Read more

Top 10 Android MOBA Games To Check Out

MOBA Games stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is a new yet popular genre in the gaming industry. With its arrival, the genre has become so popular that some sites even use it as a live online sport where the teams compete for actual cash prices. The game-line is fairly simple. As the player, you have … Read more

Top 7 Funniest Mobile Gamers

Love watching funny gameplay videos by your favourite mobile gamers? According to IDC data, Video Gaming revenue has crossed Global Movie Industry and North American Sports Industry. And Mobile Gaming is a type of Video Gaming. Today, when everything is on your palm in the form of mobile phones, there are games on mobile phones … Read more

6 Hottest Android Mobile Games to Play

What’s the hottest Android mobile games to play nowadays? We all want a form of relaxation in these stressful times or from a stressful day. And as such we turn to different things for our pleasure, reading books, working out, going outside and last but not least, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Whether on our mobile phones … Read more

online learning tips for teachers

4 Online Learning Tips for Teachers

Teachers and educators alike have faced tremendous stress and changes, shifting physical classes to online. The limitations that this pandemic had imposed had triggered many changes in our industries in general. As a community, we are forced to do things in a new normal way. These days, unless you need to go outside, it is … Read more

presentations with voiceover

How to Create Presentations With Voiceover

Always wanted to create a presentations with voiceover? This format of presentation is increasingly becoming a common place for business executives, students and teachers since the start of the pandemic. COVID-19 has made physical distancing and work-from-home likely a permanent arrangement to stay, and presentations with voiceover are often used to convey messages across. Uses … Read more

6 types of videos

6 Types of Videos to Create With Screen Recorder

Whether it is a school project, gameplay tutorial video, or a product demonstration, screen recorders come in handy when you want to present on your mobile phone. For Apple devices, screen recording is a built-in function, making this process seamless and easily. What about Android users? For Android, this function is only available for the … Read more

Screen Record on Android for FREE

3 Ways To Screen Record on Android for FREE

How do you screen record on Android for FREE with no watermark? There are numerous free screen recorders for Android available that can help you conveniently capture the screen, filming gameplay, or doing other screen recording tasks on your monitor. However, after filming, you may notice that there will still be a watermark on your … Read more

training video vidma recorder

Best 5 Tips to Creating Engaging Training Video

When it comes to making employee training videos efficient and affordable, many solutions allow you to record narration through your presentation slides or take a video of your screen with a voice-over. Some organizations may even have access to specialized e-learning writing tools. But this option can’t help you create and share exciting training videos … Read more