Android Screen Recorder With No Watermark

Why is Screen Recorder an Essential Tool for Business?

A screen recorder is an easy-to-use screen recording app to record and capture mobile or laptop screens in video formats with or without a front camera. Although if you enable your front camera, you can record video of the mobile screen alongside your video, using the front camera will also help you capture your video … Read more

6 Marketing Videos Ideas With Screen Recorder

6 Marketing Videos Ideas With Screen Recorder

Looking for marketing videos ideas to create using a screen recorder? Here’s the right place to be! A screen recorder allows you to gather data to come up with a lucrative marketing strategy. To get to your target audience, you have first to identify their needs and find solutions. Therefore, a screen recorder helps you … Read more

5 Best Work From Home Tips For Everyone

The global pandemic of COVID-19 kept people at home because of lockdowns. People are encouraged to stay home, and employees are set to work from home for an indefinite amount of time. Work from home is all fun until your family members or some noisy renovations outside start to disrupt your work. 5 Work From … Read more

presentation business meeting with screen recorder

Record PowerPoint Presentations on Android

In Spain, professionals of the advertising industries were asked to rank the importance of different attributes on a scale of 1-5; and they said that presentations are the 4th most important thing with an importance scale of 3.23. In every industry, presentations are significant to sell your product or services and show off your company’s … Read more

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Top 3 Things To Do With Vidma Screen Recorder

You might think that you already know everything about screen recording on Android, but reading this article might make you think otherwise. Screen recording has become a very prominent way to share content. Screen recording can be very effective in telling someone with the help of a mobile or computer screen because a screen recorder … Read more

presentations with voiceover

How to Create Presentations With Voiceover

Always wanted to create a presentations with voiceover? This format of presentation is increasingly becoming a common place for business executives, students and teachers since the start of the pandemic. COVID-19 has made physical distancing and work-from-home likely a permanent arrangement to stay, and presentations with voiceover are often used to convey messages across. Uses … Read more

6 types of videos

6 Types of Videos to Create With Screen Recorder

Whether it is a school project, gameplay tutorial video, or a product demonstration, screen recorders come in handy when you want to present on your mobile phone. For Apple devices, screen recording is a built-in function, making this process seamless and easily. What about Android users? For Android, this function is only available for the … Read more