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Making Content Creation More Accessible with Vidma Lite

How to make great gameplay videos with a slow or old phone I’m sure that you watch a lot of video content from content creators on YouTube or other social media platforms. From gaming videos, reaction videos or something completely different, you’d have thought about creating your own content after getting inspired from watching them. … Read more

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Create Reaction Videos for Content Creators and Influencers

Diversify your content as content creators and influencers – make easy reaction videos with Vidma This weekend was a weekend of holidays: Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. It makes for a perfect time to spend quality time with your loved ones and connect with them through shared experiences. Connections can become a source of … Read more

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Screen Recorder for Gaming Videos

Using Vidma Screen Recorder and Video Editor to create gameplay videos We love watching our favourite gamers play our favourite games. There’s something about the thrill of seeing someone play the newest games or reaching high scores you can only dream of. If you’ve always thought of creating your own gameplay videos but were too … Read more

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Screen Record Mobile Gameplay Easily

How to record your mobile games with a screen recorder? You’ve probably watched them before, on YouTube or live on Twitch. Gameplay videos, where the pros showcase their skills, newly-discovered glitches, or just something funny they found, are popular among the gaming community. If you’ve ever thought about creating your own gaming videos to show … Read more

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How to Start a YouTuber Career Using Only Your Phone

Record and earn from your gaming moments on YouTube using Vidma Screen Recorder and Video Editor YouTube is one of the biggest and go-to video streaming platform where you can earn money from the platform if your content is getting subscribers and views. Some people even use the platform as their primary source of income … Read more

Vidma Wishes All a Happy 2021

Coronavirus, 2020 and a New Year for Vidma Recorder The Vidma Team wishes all a very Happy New Year! We hope that 2021 will be a year of sharing, positivity, and joy. We know 2020 has been an eventful, tumultuous, and even plain chaotic year for a lot of people. Nevertheless, 2020 was also a … Read more

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Record An Engaging Training Video for Best Classroom Experience

When it comes to making employee training videos efficient and affordable, many solutions allow you to record narration through your presentation slides or take a video of your screen with a voice-over. Some organizations may even have access to specialized e-learning writing tools. But this option can’t help you create and share exciting training videos … Read more