Top 5 Trending Songs For Your Video Editing

Can’t find songs for your video? Heard a song on TikTok but not sure what it’s called? If yes, then don’t worry because you are at the right place.

Don’t know how to screen record or edit your video on Android? Don’t worry! We will give you a small tip on how you can do so right at the end of the article. After getting to the end of this article, you will be able to incorporate trending songs into your videos.


Faded is one of the most popular songs used by video editors. You might not know its name, but you would have heard this song at least once in your life. Alan Walker’s band is the composer, singer, and musician of this sensational song.

Fearless pt. II

This song is viral and trendy and is one that you might have heard frequently on TikTok. Not only on TikTok, but gamers also use this song often. This is a song by Lost Sky featuring Chris Linton.

Beat Your Competition

Vibe Tracks made this terrific song in 2015 to entertain its audience. This is a must-listen song for those who are new to video editing. Almost everybody has listened to this song at least once in their lifetime.


This is a song that is popular amongst gamers. Many gamers use this song in their intros. In an interview, Ship Wreck and Zookeepers, mentioned that they did not know that their song will become so famous among gamers.


This is also a commonly used music/song by video editors. This catchy song is known to attract the attention of audiences. Jarico is behind this exceptional soundtrack.

We hope you now know the top 5 trending songs you can use while editing your videos. So, it is time to improve your video editing by using the best screen recorder. And for that, Vidma Recorder is the best choice.

Why Choose Vidma?

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  • Audio capturing ability: You can capture audio internally and externally for Android 10 and above.
  • Safe and secure network: You do not need any registration for this app. Moreover, there will be no access to a third party to ruin your work.

These fantastic features of Vidma, as mentioned above, will surely help you to improve your video editing in no time.

Now that you know the trending songs and how to use Vidma to record and edit your videos, what are you waiting for? Download Vidma and start editing your videos now!

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