Best 5 Tips to Creating Engaging Training Video

When it comes to making employee training videos efficient and affordable, many solutions allow you to record narration through your presentation slides or take a video of your screen with a voice-over. Some organizations may even have access to specialized e-learning writing tools. But this option can’t help you create and share exciting training videos that suit your teaching style class experience.

Students are more engaged when there are instructors. Whether it’s a formal trainer or just a colleague presenting helpful tips, the presenter’s body language, eye contact, and supporting media displayed on the projector screen or whiteboard all help bring the information to life and improve student retention.

Here comes the challenge: live presentations are only useful for those studying who can be there in person. If the instructor or student cannot be in the same room simultaneously, the model fails.

When done the right way, videos can serve as boosters to help you teach and share information.

The Best Screen Recorder for a Training Videos Creation

Vidma Screen Recorder makes it easy for anyone to create training videos and share them virtually. You can record exciting training videos that show your slides, screens, and even demonstrating simultaneously. You don’t need any additional AV equipment. Vidma screen recorder works by utilizing your phone’s capabilities, recording internal audio for support systems to edit video results.

5 Easy Steps To Record Engaging Training Video With Vidma

1. Prepare the presentation slides and talking points for the video

Recording formal and informal training videos requires the same preparation as creating a live training session. As the presenter, you will need to outline your talking points and set up supporting media, such as presentation slides that communicate great ideas and screen shares that show you what you are doing. If you have the time, record yourself practising the presentation at least once or twice to minimize general communication stuttering.

2. Prepare an external mic for a better voice over

Vidma Screen Recorder allows you to record employee training videos with minimal AV equipment – it means that you can capture yourself presenting and slides or demonstrations on the screen with just an Android phone. You can also use any external microphone to record better sound. Test audio and video quality before you deliver your full presentation.

3. Open your presentation, then select the screen you want to record

If you’re sharing a slide, open your presentation and put it in “Slide Show” mode. If you also want to record yourself, activate the face-cam feature.

4. Start recording your training video

Pro tip: If you feel you make a mistake, keep going, take a deep breath to pause, and start over — you can always use the built-in video editor to remove the unwanted parts, whether it’s the start, end, or middle of the video.

5. Edit and share the training video

Editing the video result is not a must, but if you want to take it to the next level, and you have the time for it, access the video editor after recording. Otherwise, you can share the training videos directly to your LMS or YouTube. Vidma screen recorder makes quick work of basic editing tasks. Trim unwanted parts of your training videos – trim the dead rooms from start to finish or even splice in new footage to update older training. Later on, if you want to improve your editing, you can always go back to the recording’s original version.

After editing your video and adding the finishing touches, you’re ready to share it. Click the “share” button and choose which app you want to share to. Do this all easily within the app!

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