Powerful Free Screen Recorder for your Video Creation

Vidma Screen Recorder is one of the most powerful free screen recorder application for Android you can get.

Surely you have seen a video tutorial on YouTube. Chances are, they are made with screen recording tools. Kickstart your video creation on Android with a tool that you can use to record the screen you’re using at the time!

Vidma Screen Recorder is one of the most powerful free screen recorder application for Android you can get. It helps you in creating a screen recording in an exceptional quality right from your phone, aiding in your video creation. We have summarised some of our favourite Vidma features.

Record in High Quality (up to 1080p, 60fps)

Recording a video is a time-consuming activity. You must want the best result for your hard work. With Vidma Screen Recorder, you can record video from your phone up to 1080p and 60fps! Your videos from Vidma will be crystal clear on those devices.

Record Internal/ External Audio

Vidma support for internal/external audio recording, ensuring that you can also record video with audio. You can record the audio from gameplay or adding your voice to make tutorial videos.

Facecam Support

Do you know what makes a video more interesting other than hearing the content creator’s voice? Yes, seeing them in the video! Vidma screen recorder supporting Face cam which rarely you can find in a similar app. You can easily make reaction videos or easy tutorial with a face to match the voice.

Screen Record without Limitation

Some apps limit how long you can record due to their limited capacity to process the video. With Vidma screen recorder, you can record your screen, and as long as you want, your limitation is your device storage only. This feature is super useful for you if you’re going to make a thorough tutorial in one video.

No Watermark

It is your video. We are sure you don’t want some ugly watermark on top of your work. Vidma screen recorder has the option for you to set the output of screen record without watermark. Or you can add Vidmawatermark if you want to. Maybe your audience will ask about making a video like you, and you can create content from it too!

Handy Screen Capture Tools

Have you ever seen a video tutorial that ends with the creator pulling down the status bar before the video ends? Vidma screen recorder has this handy floating window that you can enable from the setting. You can also capture a screenshot from the floating window to stop the recording from the floating window without pulling down the status bar.

Practical Video Editing Tools

You don’t need to move the video result to the computer or install additional apps for the video’s editing purpose. Vidma screen recorder comes with a toolkit you can use directly from the app. You can rotate/ crop the video, trim the middle/sides of the video. It is also possible to add music to your video creation and adjust the volume or change the video speed, all within Vidma.


Vidma screen recorder is one of the most used and favourited by content creators not because it’s powerful, but also free to use. You can start to create content from your Android phone. Share your knowledge with a video tutorial on something you love, or sharing your gameplay with your fans!

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