Top 5 Professional Uses of Vidma

With our current technology development, we can share our report easily, not only in a writing but also in video format. With the help of big platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we also can share our videos globally easily. For those looking to create video reports, Vidma Screen Recording offers you a simple way!

With a high-quality resolution and crystal-clear audio, you can create your video news and share it on whatever platform you prefer. You only need to watch news videos, record your screen, and give your perspective through audio recordings that you share. You can even insert your audio afterwards. You can also show yourself through the facecam feature. This will allow you to connect with the audience through human interaction!

Here is a list of some video news platforms that you can use as references to create your videos:


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No doubt, YouTube is the go-to platform for videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google Search, and it is more far significant than all other social media. Besides, it is a free video-sharing website. Because of its biggest position on the Internet, many great global news broadcasters open their channels on this platform, like the BBC, CNN, National Geographic, and much more. It’s the perfect platform to start your news reporting vlogs on for exposure.

Facebook Watch

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Facebook launched Facebook Watch in 2017, a service that combines its video-sharing feature with premium content. It helps to manage our video subscription on Facebook. From broadcasters’ official pages, you can report your news. You only need to watch the news video you prefer from a broadcaster’s official page you like and record the screen. You can give your commentary either through a screen recording or a face-cam feature.

Instagram TV

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IGTV is part of the Instagram service. It allows Instagram users to upload and share their long videos in the feeds. Several notable news media that often post their videos on IGTV are DW News, Now This News, and BBC News.

IGTV offers a portrait video that covers your screen fully. So, we suggest you not to use the face-cam feature in this case because it will make the video that you record not fully visible in the recording. You can use a Vidma Screen Recorder in its basic feature and report the news by commenting on the video.


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Twitter is famous for its rapid and short yet powerful writing. But do you know that Twitter is also allowing us to share a two minutes video? Many news media open their Twitter accounts and give short video posts too. You can use Vidma Screen Recorder to report the news you watch on Twitter and upload it on any other social media platform. You can give your new perspectives in your video, adding value to the videos that you share.


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This platform at the beginning is famous for its features to create short yet funny videos. With its growing popularity in this world, many news media adapt their contents to match with TikTok. For example, NBC News has its channel on TikTok. Short videos that NBC News upload is mostly a presenter with a video background. TikTok users often use this format of video to share their stories with related pictures or videos.

Vidma Screen Recorder is a useful tool for you to present a proper news presentation with its functional screen recording and video editing tools that’ll help you create videos without much effort.

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